Published: June 2001
Updated: May 2012

This page identifies the trademarks and service marks of Laporsa Tile Distributors Ltd and its subsidiaries. The absence of a mark does not constitute a waiver by Laporsa Tile Distributors Ltd or their subsidiaries of any of their respective intellectual property rights.

Laporsa Tile Distributors Ltd®, OHTiles®, ohtiles®, ohtile®, o&h tile®,,, and logos, pictures, images are trademarks and service marks of O&H Tile Distributors Ltd. 

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You may contact us for any reason by email or traditional mail at the following addresses, provided, however, if you wish to provide us with formal notice under our Website Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy, you must provide your notice in writing, and mail it to the address set forth below:

By mail:
Laporsa Tile Distributors Ltd
Factory 1A, Unit 60
Springvale Industrial Estate, 
Cwmbran, Newport, 
NP44 5BE 
United Kingdom

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